London Fashion Week: Kinder Aggugini

“Ap-pri-pri-a-tion”, the new collection of Kinder Aggugini mixed masculine cuts with feminine colors, leading to an elegant and wearable collection in which women expressed their strong attitude and personality through large cuts at first and then much more feminine and chic evening dresses.

Using menswear fabrics, such as Harris Tweed, Melton wool and rubberized Mackintosh, the designer created interesting silhouettes, with large pants, rigid straight lines floor length jackets and mini shorts worn with sweatshirts.

Prints on the outfits, that featured people, animal and natural elements on very colorful prints were fantastic, and were worn on pants and matching jackets, or skirts and matching blouses.

The colors were absolutely stunning for a winter collection, the type that really cheer you up: cherry red, sky blue or grass green!

 Sam Schler for RUDE Magazine
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