London Fashion Week: David Koma

Shoes. The base of the silhouette and the only element capable of influencing the models’ walk, and the whole atmosphere given during a show. In the case of David Koma, dog-heel shows were the attention of the collection, even if the outfits were as futuristic and stunning as the shoes.

Knee length dresses on which waist level was the balance were presented in off-white, black and deep blue. Very tight waist enabled drawing the attention on the bottom and top of the outfits, the graphic prints, and the sumptuous construction and superposition of volumes.

An incredible deep purple knee length dress was showed, and looked like different shapes and volume had been piled in the most subtle way imaginable to create a vertical sculpture.

As if to center the collection, metallic silver squares were stitched on some of the outfit, reinforcing the perfect visual effects of the show.

 Sam Schler for RUDE Magazine

Creado a las 18:00 el Miércoles 29 febrero 2012