London Fashion Week: Dans la Vie

Andy Warhol could have been the designer of this collection. Pop art inspired with a twist of classicism, the outfits were made of papier mache like fabric that featured crazy prints. Mona Lisa, Picasso-like paintings and abstract shapes gave the retro touch needed to fix this collection in everyone’s mind.

The snake print coats with fur collars added extravagance to the show, and this effect was reinforced by how the model’s hair was put: voluminous with blond or pink strands in a Marylyn’s way.

On slim printed pants with matching jackets, padded trench coats with black inside and gown dresses made voluminous with black tulle were the key pieces of this collection, a perfect balance between retro inspirations and modernity.



Sam Schler for RUDE Magazine
Creado a las 18:00 el Miércoles 22 febrero 2012