London Fashion Week: Antoni & Alison

Of course the idea was good: recreating sequins, embroideries and fabrics combinations only using prints.

But after 30 looks, the least you can say is that as great as the initial idea could be, the result of a uni-shaped collection happens to be quite boring. Boat necks on knee length and floor length straight lines dresses were the only proposal of this collection on which the woman was presented like a chic just out-of-bed alien, showing scary blue nails and short hair wigs.

Inspired by the movie6th Sense, a modern vision of a nice witch? Who knows…the sure thing is that very feminine she was not. Large, fluid, shapeless dresses are never good to empower a body, and even less when worn with black courts. Sometimes funny, the prints witness the modern approach of the designers: diamonds, stars, even faking fabrics juxtaposition in trompe-l’oeil way. Breaking this mono shape collection, the last look featured a real (and not printed) jacket worn over a printed blouse; a touch of reality in this surrealist show.



Sam Schler for RUDE Magazine
Creado a las 14:30 el Lunes 20 febrero 2012